0.42 ct Round Emerald, Brazilian Emerald, Loose Emerald, Round Cut Stone, Loose Gemstone

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0.42 ct Natural Round Cut Emerald.
This beautiful 0.42 ct round cut natural emerald comes from Brazil.
- Width: 4.96 mm
- Length: 4.96 mm
- Depth: 2.92 mm
Emerald is one of the ‘precious four’ gemstones, which also include ruby, sapphire and diamond. Emerald belongs to the beryl family, and even though it is one of the most valuable gemstones, most emeralds are heavily included. According to GIA, emerald is a Type III clarity gemstone. This means that even the good quality emeralds used in fine jewelry are in the I2 to I3 clarity range.

The top leading producers of emeralds are Colombia, Brazil and Zambia. Colombia is the international center of emerald mining, with one of its mines producing fine quality stones of a deep green color. Brazil has various deposits that produce emeralds yellow-green in color and often free of inclusions. Brazil also supplies rare emerald cat’s eyes and rare emeralds with a six-ray star. Other countries with emerald deposits are South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, Afghanistan, Australia, Ghana, India, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Zambia and the United States.
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