1.12 ct Emerald Cut Imperial Topaz, Natural Imperial Topaz, Yellow Imperial Topaz, Brazilian Topaz

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1.12 ct Natural Emerald Cut Imperial Topaz.
This beautiful 1.12 ct emerald cut natural imperial topaz comes from Brazil.
- Width: 5.02 mm
- Length: 7.31 mm
- Depth: 2.75 mm
Imperial topaz is one of the most sought after natural topaz, and is also known as “precious topaz”. Imperial topaz got its name from the Russian Tsars, who claimed exclusive rights to the pink topaz gemstones that were mined in Russia in the 17th century. Imperial topaz is more valuable than other varieties of topaz because it is less naturally occurring.

Imperial topaz is yellow, pink, red, lavender-pink, peach-pink or pink-orange in color. Brazilian imperial topaz can range in color from bright yellow to deep golden brown and sometimes even violet. Imperial topaz come from Ouro Preto in Brazil. There are also deposits in the Urals of Russia.
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