6.57 ct Blue Zircon, Oval Cut Natural Blue Zircon, Loose Blue Zircon, Natural Loose Gemstone

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6.57 ct Natural Oval Cut Blue Zircon.
This beautiful 6.57 ct oval cut natural blue zircon comes from Cambodia.
- Width: 9.05 mm
- Length: 10.5 mm
- Depth: 6.98 mm
Zircon is the oldest known mineral on Earth, with samples found in Australia that are over 4.4 billion years old. It is not a well known gemstone, and is often confused with cubic zirconia, the artificial diamond simulant. Zircon is a natural mineral called zirconium silicate and occurs in a wide range of colors including yellow, orange, red, green, blue, violet, brown and combinations in between. The colors are the result of trace impurities. Zircon in its purest form is completely colorless, or white. Before the introduction of diamond simulants like cubic zirconia and moissanite, colorless (white) zircon was one of the most popular diamond substitutes because of its high dispersion and refractive index.

Blue zircon is the most popular zircon today. It is the most brilliant of all the blue gemstones. It has a higher refractive index than sapphire, tanzanite and spinel. Not only does the blue zircon have outstanding brilliance, it has a very strong dispersion or fire, which is the tendency to split white lights into the spectral colors. In addition, it has very pronounced birefringence or double refraction, which can be seen by the naked eye. The double refraction, or the facet doubling that make the facet edges appear blurred, can be observed when looking through the table of a cut zircon.

Blue zircon is produced by heating brown zircon, however, not all brown zircon has the necessary physical structure to turn blue when heated. The brown zircon that turn blue when heated typically come from Burma or Cambodia. Zircon gemstones also come from Australia, Brazil, Korea, Madagascar, Mozambique, NIgeria, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam.
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